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Scientists Model the Human Face of the Future

Scientists in Denmark, with the help of technology, have developed predictions on what the face of a human being could look like in the future.

The faces of the neanderthals in prehistoric times were very different from those of today's humans. Recently, a group of paleontologists in Denmark broadcasted photos and a video with images of the bones of a prehistoric woman. They created a model of how that Neolithic mother could have looked, they also found bones of an eight year old boy. The scientific community has made many efforts to find out what the face of a neanderthal actually looked like.

Following research on neanderthals, scientists and computer experts worked hand in hand with the BBC company to hypothesize what the human face will look like in a million years. A group from the University of Aarhus, in Denmark, designed a model of what the human face could look like in a million years. The BBC company is working on a project to artificially modify human organs as well.

It may take hundreds of years but, the change in the face, body and organs of the human will be noticed.

[Source: National Geographic in Spanish]

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