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The Deadliest Hurricane in Honduras' History

Striking in 1974, Hurricane Fifi was one of the largest and most dangerous hurricanes in Honduras’ History. Hurricane Fifi swept through more than half of the people’s homes and left more than 100,000 to 150,000 people homeless. When the hurricane struck, thousands were left without food and shelter.

Hurricane Fifi damaged more than half of Honduras' most valuable crops and left more than 8,000 to 10,000 people dead. Hurricane Fifi damaged important crops such as bananas, coffee, rice, corn and beans. After the catastrophe, one survivor claimed that they saw a family of nine trying to escape the hurricane, but all died holding hands. Another survivor claimed that when they came back to their house after the hurricane, they found a number of unknown bodies laying around their house. First aid workers struggled to help people, due to the flooding caused by the hurricane.

Hurricanes in Honduras became incredibly dangerous, this made researchers come up with a technique to improve weather tracking and warn the population. The government of Honduras is now trying to find a way to maintain the signal connection and try to prepare people for when there will be an upcoming hurricane.

If a new, more reliable weather forecasting and notification technique is made, this can help warn people in Honduras to prepare for a Hurricane and take shelter. Better equipment and preparation can help save more lives and lessen the impact of these natural disasters.

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