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The Tragic Story of Beautiful Egyptian Goddess Isis

Hieroglyphics depict tragically beautiful tales of the gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt such as Isis, whose myth brims with mystical magic, selfless healing, lethal wars, and even brooding beheadings. Historians uncovered her story through pyramid stones that date back to the 2350 and 2100 BCE period.

As the main deity in rites concerning the afterlife, Isis solely specialized in curing and reviving ill gods and goddesses. Soon after, she extended her powers to all of Egypt and began healing commoners. Her work, praised and glorified by citizens, exceeded the grapevines of Egypt, and gained her fame in Ancient Rome, Afghanistan, and Far England!

Courtesy of the sun god Ra, the hieroglyphics revealed Isis to have had three siblings named Osiris, Seth, and Nepthys, who were also deities. Because of societal conventions, Isis was married off to her brother, Osiris. She embodied the traditional role of supporting and catering to her husband, along with teaching women the fundamentals of how to bake, brew beer, and weave. Meanwhile, Seth, overcrowded with jealousy, had secretly arranged a plan to kill Osiris in pursuit of ruling Egypt. All the while, Isis was pregnant.

Seth’s plan involved trapping Osiris in a chest-bound coffin and drowning him in the Nile. After succeeding, Seth rose to the throne; however, a determined Isis eventually found her late husband’s coffin in Byblos. Her return to Egypt naturally evoked an angry Seth, who with no remorse, violently slashed Osiris’s body into pieces and scattered his remains across the state. Isis transformed into a bird and with the help of her sister, Nepthys, the two found all of his body parts, except for his genitals. With the use of her healing powers, Osiris was whole again, but he would forever live on as a mummy. Once over, Isis had given birth to their son, Horus.

Seth’s rule prompted Isis to flee Egypt with the aim of protecting her son from danger and likely murder. She resided in the marshes of the Nile delta until Horus grew old enough to avenge his father, and with vigor, claim his title as King.

Naturally, Isis defended her child in battle, but as the sister of Seth, she switched sides. Despite the regret of betraying her son, her actions led to her demise. She was mercilessly beheaded by Horus. Luckily, the powers of magic reversed this almost-tragedy.

Isis’s story ends with a fated reunion with her son. According to the myths, Horus did honor his father, and he and Isis would jointly rule Egypt.

[Source: Britannica]

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