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The Surprising History Behind Tulips

Tulips are popular flowers that come in several types, 75 to be exact. If you were wondering, the name tulip comes from the Turkish language.

Tulips originally come from Asia and they were brought to Europe in the 16th century. Now they are found everywhere. Interestingly, the tulip is the national flower of the Netherlands. During the 17th century, the tulip became a status symbol of the Dutch. Tulips became more popular in the Netherlands from the moment they were brought, during the period called “tulip mania.” Keukenhof in the Netherlands has one of the biggest gardens. In the garden they have more than 7 million flowers.

The tulip is shaped like a Turkish hat and it can grow up to four inches long. There are different colors of tulips: yellow, orange, pink, red and violet.They can have two or six leaves. Some species can have up to 12 leaves and they can also grow more than one flower on their stem. Tulips can live up to three to seven days.

Tulips are beautiful flowers that can be found in gardens across the world. They are a symbol of perfection and deep love and their unique features intrigue many people. Next time its a nice spring or summer day, try to see if you can spot some tulips or even plant them yourself!

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