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My Home: Colombia

I was born in a beautiful country named Colombia! I want to tell you about my home.

In my country of Colombia, there is a population of about 50 million people. The main language in my country is Spanish. Because this country is so big, there is a Capital city. The Capital of Colombia is Bogotǻ and the main religion practiced there is Christianity.

There are many great things to know about Colombia. For example, the orchid is this country’s national flower and a bird named the Andean Condor official bird. Our independence day is celebrated on July 20th of each year. Colombia is located in South America along with other countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. Colombia is about the same size as Norway, Sweden, and Finland combined.

My country is known as the fourth largest country in South America and has the second biggest population in South America.

Columbia is a beautiful country, with great cities and amazing natural areas. Columbia is also home to the Cocuy National Park. In this park there is a gorgeous “crystal” river with the nickname “The Rainbow River.” It gets this nickname because the river seems to change colors with the seasons. The natural areas of Columbia add more spirit and value to this beautiful country.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the country I call home.

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