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Megadrought in California Threatens Western Joshua Tree

Have you ever heard of the Western Joshua Tree? The Western Joshua Tree is known for its spiky branches. It also looks similar to an acacia tree.

The Western Joshua Tree is usually spotted in deserts in California. There are places in California where the law prevents chopping down Joshua Trees. Aside from the law protecting it, the Department of Fish and Wildlife reports that there is an abundance of these trees, meaning the tree's extinction risk is low.

Despite the tree's low risk-status, there are still factors threatening the Western Joshua Tree. One of these threats is climate change. This is the process of the Earth heating up, largely due to pollution. Climate change is leading to droughts that are causing more wildfires, both of which are threats to the Western Joshua Tree.

The popular Western Joshua Tree is so numerous, they named a national park after it. The Western Joshua Tree National Park is located near Palm Springs. This park is also close to Death Valley National Park.

Earlier this year, California officials voted on whether or not the Western Joshua Tree should be listed as a threatened species. Unfortunately, they voted against listing this endangered species as threatened. We can do our part in protecting this tree by spreading awareness of threats to the tree and advocating to add the Western Joshua Tree to the threatened species list.

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