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Book Review: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Many of us are aware of the racial injustices that society has been fighting against for many years, especially these past two years. Through these years, many shortcomings pertaining to black disparities in education have been exposed. Change comes in many different stages and society is beginning to evolve into a stage of education so that injustices can be avoided altogether.

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson is a nonfiction detailing the stories of countless individuals who were treated unfairly in the criminal justice system. Stevenson is a social justice activist and an American lawyer. He is most famous for representing an innocent black man, Walter McMillian, and gaining his freedom from death row in a racist criminal justice system. Then later he won the emancipation of another innocent black man, Anthony Ray Hinton. Stevenson’s work is famous nationally and is very controversial. A hidden figure in the black community, he has contributed much of his life to winning justice for underserved people through his non-profit, the Equal Justice Initiative.

This book essentially details Stevenson’s journey of restoring justice. It dives deep into what most criminal justice systems wouldn’t want people to know and it allows readers to understand the lives of people facing the system. Stevenson also analyzes the emotionally taxing parts of his job. He narrates the background, history, and interactions he has with individuals, some of which are emotional and graphic. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in the law and in issues within the criminal justice system. Even if you are not interested in law, this would be a great book to read to simply gain a better understanding of how the law impacts others and why social justice is something still fought for today.

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