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Book Review: Four Secrets

Four Secrets by Margaret Willey is a book that follows three best friends Katie, Nate, and Renata who end up getting in trouble. They find themselves in detention accused and facing charges of kidnapping and druggin Chase Dobson. Chase is an infamous bully at school. His parents are rich and his grandfather used to be the mayor. What matters is that Katie, Nate, Renata won’t stand up for themselves against Chase. They also made a big promise and can’t break it. They would be able to go back home and return to their normal lives.

The three friends made a pact to never tell anyone what happened in the days that Chase Dobson was hidden in Renata’s basement room. The reader receives multiple sides of the story, throughout journals that a counselor gives to each teen to tell the real story of what happened to Chase Dobson.

As a middle schooler I really enjoyed reading this book, the mystery element really caught my attention and made it difficult to put the book down. I recommend this book to middle schoolers who like to solve puzzles or that are interested in books that don’t necessarily have a traditional happy ending. Overall, Four Secrets is a though provoting read, it makes you reflect on the characters decisions and you won’t stop turning the page.

[Source: Four Secrets by Margaret Willey]

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