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Horus: God of the Sky and Egyptian Avenger

Horus, the infamous God, was one of the first of five gods in Egyptian Mythology. Horus was worshiped everywhere in Egypt as the God of the sky. In Egyptian mythology, Horus always appeared handsome with a falcon head. Sometimes he even appeared as a falcon-headed crocodile.

Horus is the son of Isis, Goddess of Fertility, and Osiris, God of the Underworld. Horus was born after his uncle Seth – God of War, Chaos and Storms – murdered his father. According to myth, Isis fled from Seth and hid herself in the marshes of the Nile river and gave birth to Horus.

When Horus came of age, he fought in a battle with his uncle to avenge his father’s death. During battle Horus lost his left eye. According to Egyptian myth, the eye set out on a journey of its own. When other gods tried to catch the eye, it started to cry. The tears of the eye became the first people of Egypt. The eye had multiple names: the eye of Horus, wadjet eye, wedjat eye, or the udjat eye. It was then used as an ancient symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. The eye of Horus was then restored by Hathor. After the restoration, this act became a symbol for the process of healing.

Horus was worshiped across Egypt. Temples were built in honor of him. He was mostly worshiped as a guide to the pharaohs. When pharaohs died they were symbolized as Orisis because of Osiris' famous death. The new pharaoh was then seen as Horus, symbolizing Horus taking the throne after defeating his uncle. There are many falcon-headed Gods, but eventually Horus came to symbolize all the falcon-headed gods. Horus was worshiped until the end of the Predynastic period – the time before the Paleolithic to the Neolithic Age and the rise of the first dynasty.

Horus is a dominant God and is a chief part of Egyptian history. He became protector of Egypt after defeating his uncle. In present day, Horus is no longer worshiped but is used as a symbol of protection in Egypt.

[Source: Horus Facts for Kids]

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