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The Scoop Behind Slow Moving Triceratops

What has three horns and looks like a rhinoceros? A triceratops!

Triceratops lived about 65 to 70 million years ago in North America, and were the last dinosaurs on Earth. Scientists believe that these dinosaurs lived in groups to survive; triceratops formed a circle around the young to protect them.

Did you know that a triceratops was more than six feet long? Triceratops weighed up to five tons and could reach up to 30 feet. They had a short, thick tail, and used their horns to protect themselves from predators like the T.Rex or other carnivores. They also used their horns to knock down trees in order to eat the leaves.

Triceratops were slow walking dinosaurs, but were a long lasting species that eventually died out. They are interesting dinosaurs and we have yet to discover more about them!

[Source: kids.britannica.com]

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