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The Amazon’s Most Famous Species

The Amazon River is a place full of famous animals, including the black caiman, the Amazon River dolphin, the giant otter, and the green anaconda.

The Black Caiman is a semi-aquatic reptile that looks like a large crocodile. Its length can reach up to eight feet. Black caimans almost went extinct due to poachers hunting for their rough skin.

The Amazon River Dolphin is an aquatic species that lives in the river basins. This dolphin weighs up to 400 pounds and measures around eight feet long, making it the biggest river dolphin. They hunt in big groups for fish.

The Giant otter is a semi-aquatic mustelid that is carnivorous. They usually hunt for fish, and sometimes they eat turtles, snakes, and crabs. These otters typically live in groups of three to eight members. They need protection because they are endangered due to people hunting them for their velvety pelts.

The Green Anaconda is a non-toxic snake that lives in the Amazon. The anaconda is slower on land than it is on water. It is the longest and heaviest snake in the world. It weighs up to 150 pounds and it grows up to 17 feet. The green anaconda is a boa constrictor, which means it is a type of snake that can suffocate its prey by wrapping around the prey’s body. This snake mostly hunts fish, birds, mammals and reptiles.

The Amazon River is an amazing place due to its animals, habitats, lovely swamps, river basins and also being the world's largest river.

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