Fresh Face at Madison West High School by Alex Lee

My name is Alex Lee and I am a freshman at West High School. I am thrilled to takeover the role of Fresh Face columnist following Max Lien, who is now a sophomore. [read more...]
Over the past year, I have enjoyed writing this column and sharing my experiences in high school with my readers. Now, it is time for me to hand my column off to a new writer. But first, I would like to offer some advice to incoming freshmen. [read more...]
Organization and time management are two of the most important skills you can have. This is true not only in high school and college, but also throughout your life. It requires a lot of work to develop good time management skills. But it’s well worth your time. [read more...]
Recently, studying has been a drag for me and tests seem harder as the school year is progressing. A mediocre score on just one test can send your grade plummeting. Getting behind in class is not good, especially near end of the school year. [read more...]
My name is Max Lien and I am a freshman at La Follette High School. [read more...]
As the school year begins, many teachers bombard students with homework. This is a time when many of us are still trying to adjust to our new school routine. This is especially true for high school freshmen. [read more...]
Throughout my school years, I have experienced many different types of teachers. My eighth grade history teacher loved to give lectures, tests, worksheets, and essays. My ninth grade history teacher is completely different. We almost never have any tests or lectures. Our teacher likes to teach us in a other ways, using videos, oral presentations, and collage projects. [read more...]
My name is Andrew Liu and I am a freshman at James Madison Memorial High School. [read more...]
It is the beginning of a new school year and I have one year of high school under my belt. I am looking forward to the many new experiences the rest of my high school career will bring. [read more...]
My freshman year of high school is now over. Most former freshman are looking ahead to their sophomore year and what they hope to accomplish. Although most of us have chosen classes for the upcoming school year, it isn’t too late to think about your schedule. [read more...]