Make Music Festival Comes to Madison

by Alex Lee, age 16

On June 21, the summer solstice, all types of live music will be heard in Madison, thanks to the volunteer-led organization called Make Music Madison.
Make Music Madison will be a day of bands and musicians performing for the public. As noted in their slogan, “Performed by Anyone, Enjoyed by Anyone,” all ages will participate in this musical festival, taking place throughout Madison.
The Make Music festival, which originated in France and later moved to New York and Los Angeles, is being held in Madison for the first time. Last year 450 communities hosted their own Make Music festivals.
Michael Rothschild, the event’s organizer, heard of the Make Music festival from his nephew, who organized an event in New York City. Rothschild had a great experience at that event and was inspired to bring the music festival to Madison.
Rothschild believes Make Music Madison will be good for the music community and local economy. The city has reserved performance areas. According to Rothschild, organizing the names of musicians in a database and attracting more musicians has been tough. He is hoping to recruit more volunteers and musicians before June 21.
The musical performances can be as long as the artists want, but must be agreed to by the venues the musicians pick. The musicians will perform in public and private spaces such as sidewalks, parks, community centers, gardens and plazas. Most of the performances will occur from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Dance performances will be allowed, but must be accompanied by live music. Find out more at!


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